Vermont's New Adoption Law Opens Records

An Update for Adopted People and their Descendants

Starting July 1, 2023, Vermont’s new adoption law will allow adopted persons 18 and over (and their direct descendants) to get:

  • Their original birth certificate — if they were born in Vermont.
  • Identifying information about their biological/former parents — if the adoption was finalized in Vermont and the parents did not file a request for nondisclosure.

Adopted people and their descendants:

  • May contact the Vermont Department of Health to request their original birth certificate.
  • A certified copy of the original birth certificate;
  • A copy of any adoption-related document filed with the birth certificate (e.g., adoption report or adoption decree); and
  • Information from the Vermont Adoption Registry, if available, that may indicate whether if the former/biological parent(s) would like to have contact and, if so, how they’d like it to happen: directly or through an intermediary

    To learn more and get copies of the forms, go to

    Open Records Adoption Law Change